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I Tried the Squeezed Online 5 Day Juice Detox and This is What Happened

June 30, 2017

Hi there! I’m feeling more like myself today and I’m ready to tell you about my Squeezed Juice Cleanse experience.  If you didn’t already know, I underwent an elective surgery in early June to remove the excess skin from my 3 pregnancies and massive weight loss.  The recovery time is significant!

I am now unable to move my body around as much as I used to, which is scary for me!

No running, no lifting, the things that help me cope with my everyday life.  Now more than ever, my nutrition has to be counted on to keep me healthy (Of course it matters all the time, but I also exercise all the time.  That gives a little more wiggle room I guess 😉

Game Plan

I also want to make sure that I am treating my body with care to aide in the healing process from this major surgery.  So I needed a game plan!

squeezed juice detox juice cleanse

You probably already know that I LOVE veggie juice and have been on a juice cleanse before.  I used to have a juicer and it was well used.  I haven’t juiced in a while, but I needed to get my hands on some.

Luckily I had been hearing the radio ads (yes, I listen to the regular old radio in my car still lol) for Squeezed Online and since I’m in the Houston Area, Juice Cleanse was looking to be in the cards for me!!

I collaborated with Squeezed Online to take on a 5 Day Detox.  When you go to their website (which is SUPER user friendly!) it guides you into making the best choices for you experience.

Drinking veggie juice is my jam, so I selected the varieties that have mores veggie vs. fruit juice. They also ask if you’d like to have “spicy” juices.  I declined, but did wonder what a little sip of a juice including Ghost Pepper!! might taste like.


a bag filled with juices

I think we can all agree that having food delivered to our home is the ultimate convenience!  My previous food delivery experiences involve mainly pizza– so juice left on my doorstep was new for me.

The company delivers by 6:00am the next day if orders are placed by 2:00pm.  Delivery is available if you are in the greater Houston area.  I’m out in the suburbs and my order was waiting for me on my doorstep the next morning.

I did a 5 day detox.  The company delivered days 1-3 on day 1.  They delivered day 4 and 5 three days later.

When I opened the insulated reusable bag the juices looked so adorable!  Can juice be considered adorable?! lol.


beet and green vegetable juice

Each day on the detox included 3 meal juices and 2 snack juices.  You can also order cashew milk for the end of the day if you are working out intensely or have a fear that you will be hungry.  I declined since I am not exercising at this time (sad!  but I must recover I suppose).


The company codes the juices with the day number and letters A-E.  They all have more calories and from what I noticed contain more fruit.  Which of course make sense, fruit higher sugar/carbs than most vegetables.

They code the snack juices B and D.  They had a higher veggie content and less calories.  Of all the juices I drank while I was on the detox, there was only one snack juice that I slightly less preferred.  It contained zucchini. I don’t know if that’s what I didn’t like or not, but it was still drinkable.

I did the Super Squeezed 5 Day Detox and the company offers 23 different combinations of cold pressed juice (you can read this article about the what the benefits of cold pressed juices are).

Of the juiced I received during the detox, these were my 5 favorite combinations:

  • cucumber, pineapple, romaine, lemon, celery, apple, kale
  • cucumber, spinach, grape, apple, kale
  • coconut, pineapple, spinach, apple
  • cucumber, spinach, celery, kale, lemon
  • pineapple, spinach, orange, celery, chard, kale

The A, or breakfast juice each day always had beet juice.  While I was not the biggest fan of beets, I did begin to appreciate them a bit more through the course of this detox.

juice cleanse detox beet juice

During the Detox

Often times the first 2 days of any detox or cleanse can be a little hard to bare.  If you are eating and drinking excess processed foods full of sodium and sugar, taking it all away at once doesn’t feel so pretty.

I had the benefit this time around that I started my Day 1 of the detox a week after surgery.  Before my surgery I stopped drinking alcohol (not that I was a daily drinker then, just socially on weekends) and drinks with caffeine.  Following my surgery, I had no appetite and knew that I needed to avoid salts and sugars for my recovery.  So I actually felt great during the first 2 days of the detox!

The people at Squeezed recommend that during the juice cleanse you don’t “let yourself get hungry”.  I brought a few juice bottles with me on the days we were out and about running errands.  It was difficult when the family was eating their “normal” lunches and I had committed to sticking to the juice, but I just tried to distract my mind and keep chugging!

My husband got sort of a break during the juice cleanse days.  He was preparing all of my meals thus far, but the Squeezed Juices just needed to be chilled and opened!

Vegetable and fruit juices do not contain fiber.  I had to consume so whole fruit and a few dried plums (prunes!  Yep, I had to eat them!) to deal with some digestive needs related to the medications I took for the surgery.  With the exception of the necessary fruit, I stuck to the juices the whole 5 days.

Outcome and Final Thoughts

I did not weigh myself during the duration of this detox, so I cannot say how the 5 days drinking the juices from Squeezed affected my weight.

My goal was to deliver important micronutrients to my body to aide in the recovery process.  Given the high quality of Squeezed cold-pressed juices, I feel as though I achieved my goal.

The entire process of order and receiving product from the company was seamless and user friendly.  Their customer service was top notch!

In the future I know I will commit to another juice detox.  When that time comes, I will look to Squeezed to help me make it happen.





I am a runner and fitness fanatic who is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle 80% of the time. I live in Texas and divide my time between raising 3 children, teaching, and living a fit life.

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