8 Tips to Help You Survive Your First Half Marathon

By on June 14, 2017

You’ve reached that time in your life where you have a calling to attempt the half marathon.  Maybe you have been running 3 miles a day for years but never push past that distance.  Maybe you haven’t run a mile in years  and you just feel the need to try something that seems unattainable at the moment.  Whatever the reason is, once you’ve decided to run a half marathon, and actually signed up for one, you are going to feel excited, hopeful, and possibly a bit nervous and unprepared.  Having participated in my fair share of half marathons now, here are some tips I would give to someone who is preparing for their first time—

1.  Give yourself enough time to prepare (8-12 weeks to train would be ideal).

There are many different training plans and schedules available, just search pinterest and you will find tons!  In the past I have used training plans as guidelines and fit in the training as best as I could around my busy life.  A breakdown of a typical training week could include:

4-5 days of short running workouts.  3-6 miles at a time or 30 minutes- 1 hour of running.

1 day per week for a long run.

Complete one long run each week at your “marathon pace”

If you are completely new to running and this will be your first half marathon, I recommend you complete your long runs at an easy pace.  There is a whole of science behind this.

Let me make it simple.  Find the pace at which you could still carry on a conversation if necessary.  Your half marathon pace is not likely to be the same as your fastest 10k pace.  It is probably a bit slower than your 5k pace as well.

You will need to build up the stamina to run 13.1 miles. Start at 4-5 miles and then add another mile each week.  You ought to run at a pace that you can sustain for your whole long run.  Your marathon pace is

 2.  Plan your race day gear a few weeks before.


Through your training take stock of the clothing that and accessories that are most comfortable and the least distracting. “Nothing new on race day” is always a good plan to stick to.

 3.  Proper running shoes are essential!

Early on in your training Avoid changing to brand new shoes any less than 4 weeks out from race day. You want shoes that are somewhat “broken in” but not worn out either.

Definitely hit up a running store to get fitted for your shoes.  Ordering the cutest pair of Nikes you have seen plastered all over your Instagram feed is not a smart move.  Unless they happen to be the same ones recommended by your running specialist.

4.  Don’t let the excitement of the crowd at the start of the race affect your pace.


It’s all good if they are passing you left and right during miles 1-5. You don’t want to push your pace so hard early on that you lose steam and slow way down in the second half.

 5.  Create the perfect playlist.

Assuming you even run to music of course.  You’re probably going to need at least 2 or more hours of music.  Try to align the bpm (beats per minute) to your goal pace.  There are many wonderful websites to such as this one to help you.

Personally, I try to save my favorite 5-7 songs for the end of the race, to give me something else to focus on when the going is getting rough.

 6.  Eat a light breakfast and plan your energy sources for the race.

Eating a light breakfast an hour or so before the event will give you time to digest a bit before the race starts and keep you from feeling too full.

Energy gels, gummies, and beans (my personal favorite) are a quick source of carbohydrate energy to sustain you during your run.  Try out different types of energy sources during your training to find what works best for you.

My typical energy plan is half of a Cliff Barr an hour before the race, half a packet of Jelly Belly Energy Beans before the race starts, then half a serving (sometimes less) of the beans about every 5 miles or so.

 7.  Have fun and make connections with other runners at the “after party.”

Most running events will have snacks and drinks at the finish line.  While you are waiting for you breakfast tacos, pizza, fruit snacks, and of course bananas, strike up a conversation with someone about how they felt about the race.  Ask them about their favorite races and what they have coming up on their running schedule.

If they have a photo background to take your picture, stand in line and the understanding person behind you will likely be willing to snap your pic.

Often times they have massage tables out, take advantage of that if you can stand waiting in the line.

8.  Wear your medal home and bask in your glory

Once everything is said an done on your first half marathon, find a special spot for that medal and then, sign up for your next event!



Have you run a half marathon before?  What tips would you add?






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7 Workouts You Need to Add to Your Week

By on March 6, 2017

For more than a couple of years, Pinterest has been my go-to for finding workout ideas to add to my routines.  My searches look like,  “back and biceps workout gym” or “10 minute core workout”.  Today I am going to share 7 of my favorite workout finds from pinterest.  I always come running back to these pins when I’m making my gym plan for the day.


7 amazing workouts

1.  5 Minute Plank Workout

This one is PERFECT to throw into the middle or end of any workout.  Sometimes my gym is crowded (my fault for going during peak times!) and I can’t get my hands on the equipment I want right away.  Boom, perfect time to throw in this 5 minutes of core/whole body awesomeness.  There is a youtube video clip of the plan here as well.

2.  Fat Shredder HIIT 

Doesn’t shredding fat sound bad ass?  I’m a fan of this workout thanks to it’s simplicity.  You absolutely don’t need to be in a gym for this one.  But guess what?  I like to be in the gym!  So something I like to do is add weights between each activity listed focused on the muscle group du jour.  45 seconds of jumping jacks, then 12 reps of bicep curls, etc.

3.  Sun’s Out, Guns Out Arm Workout

This is a great workout on a shoulders and core day.  There are a couple of tricep moves at the end, which it never hurts to add more tricep work.  I usually keep chest and triceps to their own days.  The Live Fit Girls is a great blog to follow!

4.  20 Minute Kettlebell HIIT Circuit Workout

I pinned and tried this workout after I invested in my own 15 lb kettlebell this summer.  I knew I wanted (and maybe needed) one but I really had never used one before.  This was a great starting point!  Nicole goes into great detail about how to do each move on the blog post, you really ought to check it out!

5.  The 15 Minutes Standing Ab Workout

The link about will take you to what seems like a ton of great 15 minute workouts.  I enjoy this standing ab workout because alternate the moves with another targeted body area like bicep curls or barbell rows.  I don’t know about you, but when I’m in the crowded free weight area, I don’t really feel like getting down on the floor for core workouts.

6.  Legs + Glutes Weights Workout

Leg day is my favorite day at the gym!  Go check out this great workout to really put emphasis on those glutes.  You will probably fall in love with Lauren’s blog while you are there!  I was so proud of myself when I was bold enough to try the “weighted glute bridge” with a barbell.

7. 20 Minute Tabata Fat Blaster

This workout here has been a go-to for me for a while now.  I found this gem on pinterest when I was first learning what Tabata even meant.  You will surely be covered in sweat from this one!

I have tried all of these workouts and they are amazing!
7 amazing workouts

What workouts have you discovered and where?  I’d love to hear about your gym plans!




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One Change That Helped Me Lose Weight and Keep It Off

By on February 20, 2017

Calorie counting, Weight Watcher Points, If It Fits Your Macrosthis is a picture of cherry tarts and crepe cake, Atkins,  the list goes on and on with the ways we can categorize our food choices when we are trying to lose weight.  I have dabbled in all of those systems, and then some.  They all have pros and cons, people who swear by the results they have achieved, as well as critics.  When I participated in such plans in the past (or attempted to) one thing would always be the same no matter the terms of the plan; I would critique every single bite of food I ingested.  And this was absolutely toxic for my success.


There has been one consistent shift in my relationship with food that I feel made it possible to lose 100 pounds and keep it off.  I can’t pinpoint the exact moment I made the change, but somewhere after about 20 pounds lost, I decided I would no longer pass a “judgement” on what food I was eating.  Being “good” or “bad” in terms of eating was no longer going to be something that I determined for myself (and definitely not determine for others!).

So often throughout my failed attempts at weight loss I would play the game where I declared “I have been so GOOD with my eating!  Now I’ve messed it up!  I might as well throw in the towel and try again tomorrow/next week/after the holidays.”  Have you ever done such a thing?


One could easily find me exclaiming, “Ughh!  I ate so BADLY at lunch!  Now I’ll have to work out forever to make up for it!!” Then I would research just how many calories worth of “BAD” I had been during my meal and try to formulate a joyless workout (that I likely didn’t even finish) to try to punish myself for being “bad” with my food.


I’m willing to bet that in the past I probably sized up my friends’ meals and compared them to my own.  I probably said something to them like “wow!  You’re so good, look what you’re eating!”  followed by “Look at this mess! I’m being so bad right now with all of this bread and gravy on my tray”.  Doesn’t happen anymore!

All of this is not to say that I don’t have various goals related to what I eat.  I just leave the value judgement out of it.  It’s a way of trying to be nicer to myself.  I’ve finally relaxed about food and I highly recommend it!


Not often am I on any type of highly specific, strictly tracking type of meal plan.  I like to think that I have become more of an intuitive eater.  I was talking to my friend Kerry about my eating habits while visiting with her on a recent trip I was so fortunate to take to Boston.  This is a loose representation of my average eating style:

Intuitive Eating According to Chelsea

  1. I eat when I’m hungry.  I stop when I don’t feel hungry anymore, but almost always before I feel “full” and definitely before I am “stuffed”.
  2. Nearly all meals include protein, most often lean protein.
  3. I don’t actively avoid breads and other maligned carbs, but I eat way less than I used to and most of the time don’t feel compelled to eat them with every meal as I did in the past.
  4. I try to drink unsweetened drinks such as tea and of course water. I’ll drink soda, and if I do, it’s not going to be diet.  I’d rather just have the full sugar version, thanks!
  5. Nutrient rich, lower calorie snacks come before indulgences I may be craving. If I still want whatever treat or snack it is, I’ll eat it, but just a small portion. this is a picture of a healthy fruit snack
  6. When I eat savory or sweet foods I usually only eat my true favorites (again, in small portions). If it’s something I only kinda like or feel neutral about, I don’t even bother.  I don’t eat anything just because it’s available or being offered.


That is my version of “intuitive eating” as it stands currently.  90% of the time I live this way.  Of course there are days that I have more food than is necessary, why just a couple of weeks ago my family and I ate dinner at a buffet and I will say that I ate a bit too much, and way more carbs and sugar than usual.  I had to sleep that off when I got home, but I can tell you I didn’t feel “bad” about it!


Does any of this resonate with you?  How has your relationship with food changed, or how would you like it to change?



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10 Healthy Lifestyle Resolutions that Aren’t Just About Weight Loss

By on January 2, 2017

It’s a new year, new you— insert the meme with Robert Downey Jr. rolling his eyes—-.  We have all been here before, January 1st, the day you feel socially pressured to identify how you will improve yourself in the new year.  I know I have been a part of hundreds of conversations with friends and co-workers about what we will resolve to do in the new year, while simultaneously joking about how fast we will give up on those said resolutions, 2 months- 3 weeks– 2 days– later that afternoon.

Now let me tell you how many times I chose “lose weight” as my resolution.  I probably said something to the effect of  “I will lose 30 pounds” or “I will lose 50 pounds” or “I will lose all the weight I need to be considered ‘skinny” every single year from age 14 to age 26.  And if you are interested in know how successful I was with those resolutions, you can read more about my weight loss journey on this blog post from Question Nutrition.

On my 27th New Year’s Day, I took a different route.  I didn’t resolve to lose weight.  My resolution was simply to “do better” in terms of my personal health, and while that is very broad, it ended up becoming a series of small actions and choices that added up to a big change in my lifestyle in the long run.

Below are 10 health and fitness related resolutions that are approachable and achievable and if you still have that “I need to lose weight!!!” feeling deep down inside, well the side of effects of these resolutions just may help you with that.

This is a picture about weight loss and resolutions

1. Try new fruits and vegetables— Maybe you have seen your cubicle neighbor chowing down on jicama sticks and wondered “what the hell is he always eating?”  You should ask him about it, he will probably share some with you.  Or you could just buy your own at the store.  Committing yourself to trying new fruits and vegetables is a lot more approachable than “eating MORE fruits and vegetables”.

2.  Go with a friend or family member (or by yourself) to a new workout class — How will you ever find out just how deeply you will fall in love with zumba, hip hop abs, extreme pilates or ballerina bootcamp if you don’t give it a try?  Odds are you have someone in your life who is always yakking about their new kickboxing class and if you are honest with yourself you are just a tad bit interested already.  Well this is the perfect time of year to give it a try!  Before you know it you could be on the fast track to opening your own aerial yoga studio.

3.  Go to sleep earlier.  —  Sleep is a crucial part of your health!  If you are out running for miles and miles, or hitting the gym twice a day for weights and cardio, but slacking on the amount of sleep you are getting, you are not going to achieve the full benefit of your workout or nutrition plans.  Just say “no” another episode from season 3 of Desperate Housewives and get to bed!

4.  Drink more water. —–  Your definition of “more” is yours to decide.  “I’m going to drink a gallon of water everyday and track it on my water app” will likely get old quickly.  You could drink half a water bottle before each meal and you’ll be surprised with how this can help you with portion control and overall satiety with your meal.  If you are already one of those people who walks around with their gallon jugged marked with black sharpie for daily goals, then choose something else!

5.  Find a whole grain product you can live with and make the swap. –—  Who hasn’t heard by now that whole grains are better than processed grain?  Unfortunately to many, they do not necessarily TASTE better than those vilified processed grains.  I’m willing to bet though that you can find a whole grain pasta or english muffin that doesn’t make you gag.  Brown rice is actually pretty tasty when you get used to it!

6.  Take the extra steps (move more). — As I write this I may the last person left in my peer group that does not have a step tracker of some sort permanently melded to my wrist.  Taking more steps is super on trend right now (thanks Fitbit!).  Park in that far parking spot (assuming you feel safe doing so!), walk all the way back to that shelf in your office instead of rolling in your chair.

7.  Try new condiments on your food. — I love ketchup, mayo, and honey mustard.  It’s no secret that these condiments are bad news if you are tracking your food.  I’m not saying to eliminate them by any means, but why not say hello to some new condiments?  Mustard packs a powerful flavor punch with few calories and no sugar.  Sriracha hot sauce can make anything taste better! Dipping your chips in salsa instead of queso is a healthier choice as well.

8.  Say nice things to yourself. — Odds are if you have repeatedly resolved to lose weight, you likely have some body image issues to accompany those weight loss wishes.  It truly is amazing how saying nice things to yourself (out loud, as weird as that feels at first) can be a game changer with all types of feelings you have about your life.  If you find yourself saying something negative to yourself like “my nail beds suck” then give yourself two compliments to neutralize that negativity such as “Legs, you did an amazing job walking me around all day and even going for a short run!” or “My arms sure are great for hugging my family”.  What a cheese-fest, I know!  But don’t knock it until you try it.

9.  Drink less sweetened soda (including diet sodas!) and drink more unsweetened drinks like water, tea, and club soda.  — Notice how I didn’t say “stop drinking sweetened sodas”.  Giving up something completely can be way hard and leave you bitter, leading you to just give up.  I’m a big fan of eating my calories rather than drinking them.  So often I will just choose to drink water or unsweetened tea with my meal and have that slice of cheese on my burger or dip my chicken in some honey mustard.  I still love the “feel” of drinking an ice cold carbonated beverage so you will always find me stocked with La Croix sparkling water.

10.  Plan your meals. —  Now this could mean a 4 hour shop and meal prep session every Sunday to set yourself up with all of your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for the work week.  OR it could just mean to be intentional with your eating schedule and not let yourself go too long between meals and snacks.  If you aren’t letting yourself get to that “hangry” state of mind, you will be more likely to stick with some of the other goals mentioned in this post.  Even starting with a weekly dinner menu for your family.  This change is not about obsessing over the contents of your meals!

Hopefully one (or more) of these resolutions resonated with you.  All of these changes are easy to add into your life anytime of the year, not just in January because everyone says we should.

What’s your resolution this year?





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Should You Weigh Yourself? The Pros and Cons of Using a Scale to Measure Your Weight Loss and Overall Health

By on December 7, 2016

weigh-yourself-scale-blog-postCurrently, it has been over 2 months since I have stepped on a scale.  I last weighed myself as I finished up a DietBet challenge around the ‘back to school’ time of year.  In that two months I have taken care to monitor my diet (most of the time ::wink wink:: ) and I have also been in the process of training to for a marathon this coming January 2017.


Given that I was conscious of my size in comparison to others since about the age of 10, I had a long tortured relationship with scales up until my late 20’s.  Stepping on the scale at the doctor’s office was often humiliating as a teenager.  The scale’s reading could make or break my whole day when I was spending 2-3 weeks “trying Atkins” again as an older teenager.  Then I could go a couple of years almost completely avoiding the scale all together, at the same time trying to avoid acknowledging that in fact I was morbidly obese by the age of 23.


Starting around age 27 my relationship with the scale became less tortured and more functional.  I had begun to change my life and during that time, seeing the numbers drop on the scale was incredibly motivating, especially since I was finally making a lifestyle change and approaching weight loss in a healthy way.


Read on to hear my PROS and CONS scale to measure your fitness (or weight loss) success:



  • Weighing on yourself on a scale is an easy way to track progress and notice changes.
  • If you are trying a variety of fitness routines, you can notice how your body looks at different weights. If you are consistent with weighing yourself, you can notice that your body may look different at the same weight, depending on your muscle and fat composition, as well as your level of hydration.
  • Rapid increases or decreases in weight can be an indicator of a medical need. Body weight is a measurement used by medical professionals from the day we are born until the day we die.
  • Seeing numbers going down (or up if you are of the seemingly luck few that are wanting to gain weight) can be motivating. I can surely say that often times when I am closely tracking my weight a loss of a pound or two can keep me on track with my nutrition that day/week.


  • Weighing yourself daily can easily turn into an obsession. If your mind is not in a healthy this may become a self-destructive ritual.
  • A plateau in your weight loss (or more so a gain!) can wreck your motivation and derail your fitness efforts. If you are not intentionally noticing the other benefits of your fitness efforts such as body measurements changing, increased strength and endurance, as well as an overall better feeling/mood you can soon find yourself feeling like a “failure” simply based on the reading of your scale.
  • A low body weight is not an exclusive indicator of health. If you are using a scale to track your weight in an attempt to get to your ideal “low” weight, your health can be damaged along the way.
  • A scale does not measure the positive, intangible qualities of a person. Whether you’re 10 pounds down, the same weight, or 10 pounds up, the scale cannot tell you how you have impacted the life of another person.  It cannot tell you what a valued friend or family member you are to someone.  The reading on the scale can’t tell you how funny your last joke was.  It just can’t measure the important attributes that make you yourself.



Ultimately the scale is just a tool that should be used with balance.  There is no need to weigh yourself daily.  A well rounded fitness tracking program would likely have you weighing yourself once a week, on the same scale, at the same time of day.  Your weight is just a detail in the overall package that is you.  If you have personal goals related to health and fitness this detail can be included in the tracking of your goals without a need to define yourself by the number.


Do you weigh yourself?  Or are you anti-scale.  I’d love for you to share your scale story below 🙂





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I Went to a Yoga Class at My Gym and This is What Happened

By on November 12, 2016

girl trying a yoga tree poseThe last couple of weeks have really hit me like a ton of bricks.  This past week I had a sudden urge to give yoga another try.  Lo and behold my gym had a 7:00pm yoga class that worked out just in the time of need.

Arriving 10 minutes into the class, I was worried I would disturb the tranquility of the room.  Then I told myself worrying wouldn’t gel with the goal of the class.  And so I jumped right in and began my best attempt at a sun salutation , and let’s just say my best attempt was very laughable.

Within minutes I was painfully aware of my extreme lack of flexibility. I felt a strong urge to just walk out and hit the free weights but managed to struggle on through the rest of that progression as I scanned the room to see if there was anyone remotely close to the same yoga skill level as myself.

About 15 minutes into the battle trying to “fold” myself I began to really relax and just embrace the awkward way my limbs and torso tried to comply with the instructors directions.  Around that same time someone else near must have really let loose and I unknowingly inhaled deeply at the teacher’s command and proceeded to gag and have a minor coughing fit.  Yep, pretty peaceful at that moment I would say…….

The air eventually cleared and I continued giving my best impression of a person who could actually do the poses.  Poses I am actually good at include; mountain, cobra, tree, and of course, the corpse pose.  Hey, I have to find success somewhere in order to be willing to try again!

Overall I enjoyed the yoga class and feel as though I should make yoga a part of my weekly routine at a minimum of once a week.  I know that the quality of the experience from my mainstream gym may be markedly less than if I were to go to a more swanky studio.  But let’s be realistic, I’m already paying for the gym so it may be a minute before I pay even more to go somewhere else.  Namaste.

chelsea's fit life

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5K Playlist : 12 Hip Hop Songs for Your Next Running Playlist

By on November 8, 2016

5k-playlist-imageI’m not the type of girl who can run without music.  Tragedy is when I am without headphones or have a dead battery and therefore have to complete a run or workout without a soundtrack.  The majority of my run playlists are filled with hip-hop.  In future posts I will get deeper into BPMs and possibly craft a running workout structured around the tempo of the songs.  But for now, get ready to add these 12 songs to your running playlist simply because, well, because they have kept my hyped during my run and you deserve the same.

All I Do is Win– DJ Khaled feat. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross

Roman’s Revenge – Nicki Minaj & Eminem

Fancy – Drake

Wild For the Night – A$AP Rocky feat. Skrillex & Birdy Nam Nam

I Got the Keys – DJ Khaled feat. Jay Z & Future

Made You Look – Nas

Paper Planes – M.I.A.

Who Gon Stop Me – Kanye West & Jay-Z

Fly Solo – Wiz Khalifa

F**kin’ Problems – A$AP Rocky feat. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar

Beware – Big Sean feat. Lil Wayne & Jhene Aiko

Focused – Wale feat. Kid Cudi

Are any of these songs already on your playlist?  I’d love to hear what your favorite songs to run to are.

chelsea's fit life

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Coping with Anxiety Through Regular Excercise

By on November 7, 2016

If you know you, you know I am an anxious girl.  Social situations, pressure at work, and general over analysis of my everyday interactions with the world are some of my triggers.  That being said, I do not feel that I have an actual anxiety disorder, well at least not one that prevents me from living a seemingly normal life.  Let’s just also say that I have yet to pay the money to visit a psychologist or psychiatrist that could formally diagnose me.

In 2012 I was going through some situations in my personal life that surely heightened my anxiety levels.  That year I really began to push harder in my workouts and it was also the year I “formally” started running.  Soon I began to feel the urge to exercise as soon as the rapid heart rate and semi-stomach aches began (those are my typical physical responses when I am overly anxious).

Just like anyone else, the stressors and the magnitude of the pressure my life is putting on me changes through the months.  Most average weeks I run or lift weights at least 3-4 times per week.  When my anxiety is spiking, 5-6 or even 7 workouts through the week almost feel necessary.

Of course all of this exercise as a remedy for anxiety has to go hand in hand with a solid sleep schedule.  I’ve had seasons in the past where I was pushing myself too far to work all day, do my mom duties, bake and sell cookies, and workout once or twice per day.  You can bet the amount of time I was sleeping decreased and well, I pretty much remained an anxious mess (but presented myself as stable in public) all the time.

Do you struggle with anxiety?  Besides medications, what helps you?

chelsea's fit life

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Rockets Run 5k 2016 Recap : Running in Downtown Houston in a Sea of Red

By on

Yesterday I participated in the 15th Rockets Run 5k in downtown Houston.  I read about the event possibly on Facebook first, in early October and became interested.  I did not actually sign up at that time though.  I pretty much forgot all about it until Thursday 11/3 when I was looking at the Houston Running Calendar page for upcoming road races.


I set about 3 alarms to remind myself to register on the Friday before the run.  By 7pm that evening, I had finally registered.  Later that night, after responsibly having a few drinks with some colleagues from work, I read the confirmation email from the event planners and it clearly said NO RACE DAY PACKET PICK UPS.  I mildly freaked out and figured I had wasted my money.  Being “this close” to attempting a charge-back on my Paypal Mastercard, I looked at the Rockets Run website and there it listed the packet pick up times, including Sat. November 5th 6:00am-7:30am.  So I set my alarm and picked out my most Rockets coordinated running clothes.


Arriving around 6:50am, I saw tons of red shirts milling around taking all of their pre-race selfies, snaps, and check-ins.  I was able to smoothly pick up my packet.  The race registration included a commemorative t-shirt (in Rocket red with a nice design), a Toyota Center drawstring backpack, several snacks and coupons in the backpack, and a voucher for a ticket to a Rockets home game.  The cost for the run initially was 35.00, 45.00 after the third week of October.

Since the 5k run didn’t start until 8:00am I was also able to get in nearly 2 extra miles before the race started.


The start line was on Bell street right in front of Toyota Center.  Bell street was packed with runners and walkers alike.  Nearly the whole first ¼ of a mile of the run it was a tight squeeze and I found myself running below my typical 5k pace and trying to carefully dodge other runners and make it ahead to the more spacious areas of the run.

We ran into Midtown Houston and back to Toyota center, looped a couple of extra blocks and then ran into the Toyota Center parking garage, all the way down to the underground level, adding a decline portion of running which is nice to cushion the finish time, lol—ultimately leading us to the finish line on the Rockets court.

I high-fived Clutch, the Rockets’ mascot, and unabashedly asked another finisher to take my pic with the finish line behind me.


All signs said “Water Up The Stairs” and that was their way of quickly getting us out of the arena and back outside to the “after party”.  Walking out to the after party they had a table of food including bananas, apples, oranges, granola bars, and popcorn.

If you finished the 5k or 2 mile walk in time, you were the proud recipient of a Whataburger cookie along with some fruit gummies.  The cookies were gone pretty fast and there were tons of gummies left.

I watched a few of the after party festivities and was about to jump into a “dance contest” at the chance of winning James Harden’s socks, but a super cute grandma and grandpa joined before me and I knew grandpa was going to win those socks.  So I saved myself the embarrassment and just watched.

Overall I was very pleased with the Rockets Run 5k.  The volunteers were efficient and had a lot of enthusiasm. The value for what was included in the race registration was great


chelsea's fit life

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5 Healthy Snacks I Never Get Tired Of

By on November 5, 2016

Each day before work I load up my lunch box with my breakfast, lunch, and several healthy snacks  I typically try to limit myself to one snack of fruit, multiple veggie snacks are on hand nearly at all times, and a dairy snack such as a low fat cheese or greek yogurt.

In no particular order, here are 5 healthy snacks I never get tired of.


  1.  Sugar snap peas sugarsnap peas

  2. Fage 0% Fat Greek Yogurt with a serving of frozen organic blue berries or a few sliced strawberries.  picture of a bowl of greek yogurt with blueberries

  3. Pomegranate arils with low sodium chile-lime seasoningscreen-shot-2016-11-05-at-6-42-12-pm

  4. Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Sea Salt Popcornscreen-shot-2016-11-05-at-6-49-22-pm

  5. Celery, Zuchini, or Pretty Much Any Veggie with Hummus screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-7-56-47-pm


I hope one of these snacks will be added into your snack rotation soon!

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