How to Feel Happy in 15 Minutes

August 3, 2015

Happy in 15-3


The first 10-15 minutes of a run, or any workout for that matter, is the worst.  It’s difficult, I don’t really want to do it, I haven’t started sweating yet, I can think of all the things I’d rather be doing instead.  
If I’m wearing workout tights or shorts that can slide down my “lack of hips”, they are intensely irritating me during that first chunk of the workout.

But then, somewhere around that magical 15 minute mark, my mood starts to shift.  That is likely the point at which my endorphins let loose.  Scientists say the number of minutes of exercise it takes for endorphins to release varies among individuals.  Some lucky people may experience this start to happen at the 10 minute mark.  For others, it may take 30 minutes or longer.  Endorphins are said to

  1. Help relieve minor pain or discomfort the workout is causing.
  2. Decrease fatigue– Now you really feel like you can do it!
  3. Positively impact your mood.

Once you have worked out consistently enough, you will begin to crave that sensation and it will help drive you to scheduling your next workout.  Then you will probably feel pretty bummed when something unavoidable keeps you from your workout.

This first 15 minute principal parallels to the beginning of my fitness journey in general.  When I first started making the changes, it was seemingly unbearable.  I wanted to eat all of the food I wanted, when I wanted.  I was not into limiting my portions, and I was somewhat irritable whenever I first started limiting certain types of foods.  It continued on that way for a few weeks (“minutes”).  Eventually I noticed how much better I felt in general when I at well, compared to how bad I was just used to feeling all the time when I was out of control.

So if you have some fitness goals you want to start working on, or any goals for that matter, know that it may be “the worst” as you start out, but eventually, if you stick with it, those endorphins will start to flow and you will be conquering your goals like nobody’s business!

About chelseasfitlife@gmail.com:
I am a runner and fitness fanatic who is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle 80% of the time. I live in Texas and divide my time between raising 3 children, teaching, and living a fit life.

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