I Went to a Yoga Class at My Gym and This is What Happened

November 12, 2016

girl trying a yoga tree poseThe last couple of weeks have really hit me like a ton of bricks.  This past week I had a sudden urge to give yoga another try.  Lo and behold my gym had a 7:00pm yoga class that worked out just in the time of need.

Arriving 10 minutes into the class, I was worried I would disturb the tranquility of the room.  Then I told myself worrying wouldn’t gel with the goal of the class.  And so I jumped right in and began my best attempt at a sun salutation , and let’s just say my best attempt was very laughable.

Within minutes I was painfully aware of my extreme lack of flexibility. I felt a strong urge to just walk out and hit the free weights but managed to struggle on through the rest of that progression as I scanned the room to see if there was anyone remotely close to the same yoga skill level as myself.

About 15 minutes into the battle trying to “fold” myself I began to really relax and just embrace the awkward way my limbs and torso tried to comply with the instructors directions.  Around that same time someone else near must have really let loose and I unknowingly inhaled deeply at the teacher’s command and proceeded to gag and have a minor coughing fit.  Yep, pretty peaceful at that moment I would say…….

The air eventually cleared and I continued giving my best impression of a person who could actually do the poses.  Poses I am actually good at include; mountain, cobra, tree, and of course, the corpse pose.  Hey, I have to find success somewhere in order to be willing to try again!

Overall I enjoyed the yoga class and feel as though I should make yoga a part of my weekly routine at a minimum of once a week.  I know that the quality of the experience from my mainstream gym may be markedly less than if I were to go to a more swanky studio.  But let’s be realistic, I’m already paying for the gym so it may be a minute before I pay even more to go somewhere else.  Namaste.

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